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Our Crew

Our crew consists of only individuals who know this lake inside and out! 


Their experience will let you focus on what is important, relaxing and enjoying the ride!


Our crew is made of sailors who know and love Cayuga Lake, it's why we call the surrounding area home.

Each of our captains has extensive sailing experience from Cayuga to the distant shores of the Caribbean. We hope to share some of this experience with you!


Cameron "Cam" Grover - 

An Ithaca native, Cam grew up sailing on Cayuga Lake on almost every sailboat he could get his hands on. From small boats at the yacht club to larger boats through Cornell Sailing and in the Caribbean. The Grover family, owned multiple sailboats when he was growing up, and he gained experience sailing and working on each. Cam is the owner of Spindrift Charters and one of the owners of S/V Spindrift with Scott.


Jason "Scott" Grover -


Scott has always had an interest in the sea, especially in regard to sailing. When he is not found working on boats or enjoying the waters of Lake Cayuga, he is a hydrologist, monitoring data about NY lakes and streams. Scott has built an impressive knowledge of all things water and sailing that he will be more than happy to share with you if requested (be prepared to nerd out!). Scott is the proud father of Cam and a part owner of S/V Spindrift.​

At Spindrift Charters LLC, we hope to make your charter experience the best that it can possibly be. Please reach out to our team through the contact page if you have any questions or concerns regarding your booking.

We also just love to talk about Cayuga Lake! Feel free to reach out for any reason!


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